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Pets Who Have
Crossed Over



60  min

30  min

Thank you so very much Blair! I was so nervous about this session and not sure what it would be like, but I was so impressed with your talent and how you helped me through it.  I feel so blessed to have had this communication from my babies and after felt a sense of healing I didn’t think I could ever feel. You are an amazing person with a very special gift! 

Communicate with pets who have crossed over

Animal communication session with pets or horses who have transitioned, whether it is recent or has been some time, are held with you on the phone while I connect with your pet(s). I ask of for a photo of your pet to help me focus on their energy (similar to a radio signal or beacon).  

You can ask questions or share messages for them.  Communicating with your pets who have crossed over can help you to heal, and brings feelings of peace and a reminder of the unconditional love that never fades.  

You can ask your pets anything!  If you need ideas, Pet Parents often ask if their pets knows they love them, how and where they are now, about their death or what happened, how they can tell if their pets are still around them in spirit, what their pet was here to teach them or help them with, what their pet wants them to know now.  Your session with your pet will be like a conversation, and I will send notes by email following your session so you can reread them anytime.

If you have questions about how communicating with your pet who has crossed over work, I invite you to click here to schedule a free 15 minute call to talk to me first. 

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