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How To Help Your Pet Call

Please note this will be a call with me to discuss your pet (does not include communicating with your pet, but I can assess their energy if you wish).


20  min

I offer a free min 20 minute phone consult to talk about your pet or horse and ways you can help them with behavior, health, end of life care or other issues. 

It is often helpful to consult a vet or trainer when you have a concern about your pet, and bringing in additional perpectives by looking at your pet from an energetic perspective, and from your pet's perspective can add valuable pieces of the puzzle when you are trying to figure out how to help your pet. 

We can also strengthen our bond and better understand our pets through animal communcation.

You can also ask me anything about animal communication, Healing Touch for Animals and animal hospice.


Let's explore how you can better understand and help your pet so you are both happier.

Please note that I will not be communicating with your pet during this consult. I am able to do a mini energy assessment during the call when discussing behavior or health. If it feels like a good fit to work together we can schedule a session to work with your pet.

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