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Compassionate, judgement-free support for the end of your pet's journey


 Do you have a pet who is nearing the end of life stages?

I've been through this with my own pets and helped many other pet parents. ​If  you...

Suspect your pet is declining or received a diagnosis;

Are making decisions such as treatment, hospice or euthanasia; or

Want to make the transition and letting go easier when it is time -

    Then I am here to help. 

Animal Communication & Healing Touch for Animals can

  • Gain insight from your pet's perspective to help with decisions

  • Ease pain, support mobility, comfort and quality of life for your pet

  • Facilitate a conversation with your pet for their last days or about your decision

  • Create a contract asking your pet to show you when it is their time

  • Make saying good bye a little easier for you, your pet and your family when it is time..

                              & bring Peace to you and your pet.


Services Offered ~ For All Animals


Tips for preparing for, making decisions and caring for your pet through the end of their journey, as well as helping yourself and other family pets after saying goodbye.


My Story

This is Bear, who was (is) my heart dog. If you have a heart animal, you know, because they hold a very special place in your life. Using Healing Touch for Animals techniques and animal communication, I was able to support Bear through his later years to a natural transition at almost 18 years old. It wasn't easy, but being able to make him comfortable and knowing I was doing what was best for him brought me great peace, and I have no regrets. 

Bear taught me a great deal about dying, and even prepared me so I could support my grandmother through hospice a year later. Both experiences, though sad, were also beautful. 

I knew I had been given a gift, and that I wanted to help other pets and their people find peace too.

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Video: Tips For When You Have to Say Goodbye To Your Pet

Book: Soar My Butterfly, The Animal Dying Experience (Amazon/Kindle - not an affiliate)

        This is a great resource on understanding the stages of dying and how to tell when your          animal may be close to transitioning.

Quality of Dying Checklist (Brighthaven)

Tips for Navigating a Terminal Diagnosis (Brighthaven)

Senior Horse Rehab (hospice, pain management, after death)

Pet Loss & Grief Support:

Free Grief Circle (all types of grief welcome) (Last Tuesday of each month, online)

Individual Grief Care Sessions with Annie McDonnell (zoom)

Lap of Love (online)

Talbot Humane & Talbot Hospice (Easton, MD)

Check your local hospice program or shelter

Pet Loss Community

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