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Do you have a pet who is scared or stressed by storms, fireworks or other loud noises?

Let me introduce myself and my Calm & Safe Pets package: created from over 10 years of experience & training working with pets as an animal communicator and Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner.

 I have also used these techniques to help my own dog!

Calm & Safe Pets includes:

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Pets, Storms & Fireworks 
(and other scary things)

Self-paced course with short videos so you can quickly start using these techniques and help your pet feel calmer faster

Module 1

Why Is My Pet Afraid?

Module 2

3-Step Calming Technique


Module 3

Using Essential Oils Safely For Calmer Pets


~ Videos: Essential Oil Application & Technique Demos

~ Audio: Grounding & Centering Exercise for You

5ml Feel Safe for Pets™
Custom Essential Oil Blend

100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils blend created specifically for your pet, based on  short questionnaire, an assessment of your pet's electromagnetic energy, and a brief check in with your pet using animal communication

Follow up phone consult for questions & support

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Help your pets feel calmer & less stressed this summer!
Calm & Safe Pets Package
$129   includes:
  • Self-paced mini course:
    Pets, Storms & Fireworks

  • 3-step calming technique
  • 5ml Essential oil blend customized for your pet 
  • Follow up phone consult for
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Will this work for different types of pets?

The essential oil blend will be created to be safe for your pet. The information and techniques are effective and can be adapted to suit different species. Examples will be given in the course, and I can discuss any adaptations that may be needed for your pet in one of the phone consults.

Are essential oils safe for cats?

While there are some essential oils that you need to use with caution for cats, the essential oils in your pet's blend when used as recommended will be safe for cats.  Blends for cats are also created at a higher dilution (meaning not as strong, which is more suitable for cats). 

How will you create the blend specifically for my pet?

You will complete a short questionnaire about your pet, and with your permission, I will do an  assessment of their electromagnetic energy and check in with your pet using Healing Touch for Animals and animal communication to get a sense of how your pet feels during storms or fireworks. Using this information, I can select appropriate oils to add to the blend to support your pet.

Questions? Send me a message and I'll get back to you shortly.
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