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Our Energy System

People and animals have an energy system flowing through and around them. I work with the seven main energy centers, or chakras, in the body.  

There is also an energy (electromagnetic) field around the body.  Your energy field expands and contracts naturally.  In people, our energy field typically extended 4-6 feet and has layers of energy.  Animals' energy field is integrated (one reason they can sense things we can't), and is much bigger. Your dog's energy field is 10x the size of your field, and a cat and horse's are even bigger than that! 


Physiological Response

The goal of energy work (in people and pets) is to open and balance the energy, or electromagnetic system. Similar to putting a cast on a broken bone to support the body to heal that bone - opening, balancing and clearing the energy system supports the body to self-heal. 

The relaxation response to energy work then releases endorphins, increasing circulation and continuing supporting healthy function as in this diagram. 

Receiving energy work is often very relaxing! You may start to fall asleep or experience a meditative state; pet owners will often see their pets show signs of relaxation during the session, including soft eyes, stretching, or yawning. 


Energy Healing &
Intuitive Guidance For YOU

Often our bonded pets are trying to bring awareness to us, their people, of areas that WE need to and are ready to change. When we take care of our selves, our pets benefit too. I happily provide energy work and intuitive guidance for pet moms as well. 

Release energetic and emotional blocks to heal old patterns and habits.   We start with opening, balancing and clearing the energy field and chakras to promote healing. Healing continues as you are guided through body and energy awareness and release through breath work and allowing.  

I believe that areas to heal arise as we are become ready to let them go. Distance sessions work by connecting energetically while each of us are in our own space.  In this safe energetic space, while relaxing in the comfort of your home, you can progress on your healing journey.

All session are conducted live by phone and last approximately one hour. You are invited to bring questions or specific areas you would like to include in your healing session. $110

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