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Helping Pets and Horses Behave & Feel Better

Helping Pet Moms Understand Your Pet's Needs

from your pet's perspective

About Me

I have worked & trained for over 10 years as a  Healing Touch

for Animals (HTA) Practitioner and an Intuitive Animal Communicator. I have also acted as a Coordinator of training for HTA for many years.


Healing Touch for Animals came into my life when I was  looking for a holistic way to support my heart dog, Bear’s, health during his senior years. Through HTA I was able to help him thrive in the last few years of his precious life and was able to ease his pain and support him through his transition. It was an incredible gift to both him and me! I wanted to do everything I could for this amazing creature who showed me unconditional love. This journey compelled me to share this gift of hope and peace with as many animals and their people as possible.

This is why I do this work. To bring peace of mind and healing of the body to us humans and our fur babies when we need it the most!

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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." 

Anatole France


I have a rescue pup with a pretty traumatic past and Blair is helping me connect with him and help combat his fears in a way that all the trainers I’ve tried never could. I’m grateful to her and appreciate the trust she’s helping build between me and Java. 

~ Krystle S.

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The very next morning after the session, I could already see a change in him. He seemed more alert and started to do his rounds around the living room, which he stopped doing for a few days.   ~Mirjam K.

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