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Esme's Story: A Safe Home At Last

It is truly amazing what love, Healing Touch for Animals, animal communication and vet care can do!
This is Esme when she came to the rescue, and then a short time after being adopted by her new mom.
I have had the honor of working with her mom who fosters and adopts senior dogs and dogs in hospice many times, and I was excited to be able to communicate with Esme and help her release old trauma in the first week in her new home. Esme shared that she was tired of being so guarded and just wanted to trust her mom. We knew that Esme had been in multiple shelters or rescues.
Esme was so receptive to the Healing Touch for Animals techniques.
The day after I worked with Esme, her mom said Esme had so much more energy and even tried chasing a squirrel (mom was shocked)!
A week later, her mom sent me this message:
"Blair, Esme is a different dog. Shortly after your session she just chilled out.
She seemed to know this is her permanent home. She's no longer timid, and she's got a spring in her step.
I cannot thank you enough."
I am so excited to share this so everyone can see what is possible when you blend holistic therapies, animal communication, vet care and love. I am grateful to be able to help amazing animals like Esme, who never give up.

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