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Seniors, Health, Mobility or Pain

Seniors, health concerns, mobilty, pain and comfort.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 175 US dollars
  • By phone.

Service Description

Talk to your pet AND help them with pain, health or mobilty. Session will be tailored to your pet’s situation and needs and includes: • Animal communication for insight into your pet's needs, how they are feeling, their wishes and any pain, fear or discomfort. You can also ask any questions you wish or share messages with your pet. Find out what they have to say! • Healing Touch for Animals techniques to open, clear and balance their energy system to promote healing, pain relief, feeling more secure and comfortable (Healing Touch for Animals is relaxing for your pet, too, even in distance sessions!) Depending on your situation, you might use this session to.. - Ask how they feel about food, treatments, supplements, people, other animals, etc. - Support a pet with a chronic health condition or health diagnosis - Ask about behaviors - Help your pet feel more secure when left alone or going to the vet/groomer - Address pain or support mobility In this distance session I will connect with your pet energetically from my home-office location while your pet or horse is in the comfort of their own home or barn. I invite you to join the session by phone for athe first 20- 30 minutes while I assess your pet and we communicate with them. We may then choose to hang up while I work with your pet off the phone using Healing Touch for Animals techniques for the remainder of this distance session, followed by a report back to you by phone at the end of the session. I may also use or recomment essential oils to support your pet, and can show you how to use them safely & effectively. You will receive a report by email after the session with notes from your pet’s session and recommendations on how you can continue to support your pet at home.

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