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Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Pets 

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Help for behavior, physical & emotional concerns

Happy, healthy & well-behaved pets through energy healing & animal communication

Distance appointments by phone  |  2 full & 1 mini personalized sessions & follow up support  |  $200

Who is this for?

Pets whose behavior is causing stress or has changed suddenly

Pets with physical challenges

Adopted pets who need help

Pets who are aging or are nearing the end of their journey

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Do you want the animals in your life to be happier, healthier and well behaved?

Do you love your animal and don’t know how to help them?


Maybe you’ve tried other methods but know there is still something missing, or you prefer a holistic approach to your pet’s challenges?

There is hope.


Let’s work together to…


Find the WHY in your animal’s behavior

Provide comfort and support for your beloved pets

Listen to what your pet needs and wants to tell you

"I cannot thank Blair enough for the wonderful work she is doing for Luna. I do not only see a tremendous change every time Luna has a session, but I also feel her healing love. It is just what Luna and I needed!" ~ Luzma G.

Happy, Healthy & Well Behaved Pets

Program includes:

  • Assessment & Intake

  • 2 Individually tailored distant sessions to address concerns

  • Follow up & mini-treatment between appointments

  • Support for both you and your pet

  • Plan to implement at home 

$200 for the program​

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What To Expect

First Session

I will gather information through conversation with you, communication with your pet, and assessment of their electromagnetic (energy) system.  This will provide insight into their needs and how to help them.  I will work with your pet to open and balance their energy system, which supports physical & emotional health as well as laying the foundation for behavior change, as well as beginning to address their specific needs. 

Second Session

I will use healing techniques & animal communication to help your pet with their specific needs (physical, emotional, behavior).  Techniques used may include Healing Touch for Animals energy work, animal communication, tuning forks, intuitive guidance and essential oils. 

Personalized Support

Throughout the time we work together, you will gain a better understanding of your pet.  I will follow up with you a few days after each session for your observations and questions, as well as reassessing your pet's energy and providing interim support if needed.  Using all the information gained in the sessions, we will create a plan you can follow at home to best support your pet. 

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DISTANT HEALING WORKS!! As my saintly dog Frodo traveled through his journey from  being perfectly healthy to having trouble running and eventually walking, Blair's healings and continued loving and compassionate support meant a lot. I was able to give him the life as well as the natural transition he deserved with much love and peace. Her chakra clearing and balancing always helped. I was also able to receive intuitive guidance on natural healing methods through her ability to connect to Frodo at a soul level. I have since recommended Blair to anyone who is open to energy healing. Thank you, Blair!

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