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Animal Healing & Communication

I am a Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) Practitioner and animal communicator, as well as a former Coordinator of training for HTA.

Therapeutic treatment sessions work with the pet's energy or electromagnetic field and chakras (energy centers along the spine) to support physical and emotional wellness and healing. Sessions may include energy medicine therapies, therapeutic grade essential oils, tuning forks (sound/vibration therapy) and intuitive communication.


Your pet will benefit from a healing session in the comfort of your home or barn through distance sessions. You can choose a healing session or simply a communication session. Common concerns addressed are:

  • Anxiety or fear

  • Behavior or changes in behavior

  • Physical health, pain & comfort

  • Understanding your pet's needs & feelings

  • Adjusting to changes or recovering from trauma

  • Senior care

  • End of Life questions

I love putting the puzzle pieces together to discover the why behind behavior, helping people better understand their furry friend's needs, and bringing comfort and relief.

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Animal Hospice Care Support

When treatment is no longer an option, care for your beloved pet becomes focused on comfort.  The journey through the stages of end of life can be both emotional and beautiful. I have experienced both personally and with others' animals how this work brings comfort, and would be honored to be part of your pet's journey. 


After an initial energy work and communication session, we will create a support plan that can provide:

  • Relief and comfort for your pet

  • Peace of mind through insight into your pet's experience, needs and wishes

  • Energetic and emotional support for you as the caregiver


You may also wish to join my Tails of Love group on Facebook for stories, resources and support with animal hospice and alternatives to euthanasia

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