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Energy Healing &
Intuitive Guidance

Release energetic and emotional blocks to heal old patterns and habits.   We start with opening, balancing and clearing the energy field and chakras to promote healing. Healing continues as you are guided through body and energy awareness and release through breath work and allowing.  

I believe that areas to heal arise as we are become ready to let them go. Distance sessions being by connecting energetically while each of us are in our own space.  In this safe energetic space, while relaxing in the comfort of your home, you can progress on your healing journey.

All session are conducted live by phone and last approximately one hour. You are invited to bring questions or specific areas you would like to include in your healing session. $90


Balance, Relax & Clear

I also offer shorter healing sessions that include chakra balance and clearing of the electromagnetic field to promote balance, and a grounding exercise to promote clarity and wellness.

30 minutes by phone $50

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