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End of Life Care & Support 


75 min communication & energy work to support your pet


20 min check in

He went so fast and so peacefully.  It was beautiful.  I could feel his calmness and knew he was happy to be transitioning. 

Thank you again for your time with me and my boys in our session a few weeks ago. You were a tremendous help to me. 

Help for your pet, and support for you for decisions, care and making this time a little easier.

20 minute Check In Session: Quick check in to ask if your pet is ready to transition or to make decisions.

75 Minute Communication & Support for your pet: is tailored to your personal situation, whether you are planning ahead, have received a diagnosis, are exploring hospice/palliative care or euthansia, or are caring for a pet near the end of their journey, and may include:

  • animal communication for information and insight from your pet's perspective

  • energetic support for your pet for comfort, quality of life or easier transition

  • creating an energetic contract with your pet to give you a sign when it is their time to transition

  • support as you prepare to say good bye, including energetic support for your pet while your family gathers with them to share memories and messages.


While you are on the phone I will connect energetically with your pet to communicate with them. You can ask any questions you wish, including how they are feeling, if it is their time, and what they need or want at this time. You can tell them anything you want, including letting them know if you have an appointment for euthanasia or saying goodbye if it is time. I will also assess their energy and can do energy work to support their comfort and quality of life. We can also create an energetic contract to ask your pet to let you know when it is their time to transition.

If you would like to schedule a home or barn visit for the 75 minute session in Talbot County, please email

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