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Happier & Calmer Pets
Behavior Support Program

  • Discover the WHY behind your pet's behavior 

  • Create balance in your pet's energy and emotions so they feel safe

  • Release any past trauma or old habits

  • Teach new, more appropriate behavior

Program also includes email/phone support between sessions, tools for helping your pet at home and coaching on communicating effectively with your pet.

....So you and your pet can enjoy each other!

Schedule a free call to learn more and find out how I can help! Click the button below.

From one Dog Mom who worked with me to help her pup with behavior:

Scout is a completely different dog! We are so happy and he is thriving and doing so well...

he really is so relaxed and happy and fits so nicely with our family! I feel like we are really doing wonderful with him and we are all in our rhythm. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Let's help your pet with behavior!


Often when pets are not responding to attempts to change their behavior, it is because there are underlying blocks. If your pet's behavior is causing stress or limiting their activities or your enjoyment of time with you pet, I invite you to schedule a free consult call to explore possible factors of your pet's behavior and find out if you and your pet would benefit from working with me. 


 This personalized plan allows us to work together for five sessions over a period of about six weeks to gain insight into the behavior, identify your pet's needs, implement solutions, remove blocks to good behavior, and create plan so you can continue to help your pet do better with behavior or training.


In this program you will:

  • Gain insight into WHY your pet behaves the way they do

  • Address underlying causes of behavior so your pet can feel and behave better

  • Learn how to support your pet as they let go of old habits and learn new behaviors

  • Create an even stronger bond with and deeper understanding of your pet

  • Help your pet feel safe and calmer so they can relax

  • Learn to communicate more effectively and intentionally with your pet

  • Become aware of how your energy affects your pet (and vice versa)

Just as it takes time for behavior to become a habit and often to escalate, it takes time to unlearn old habits and learn that there is no longer a need to continue old behavior. I encourage pet parents to also work with a trainer or use training techniques to support their pet as their energy and behaviors shift. Often an unbalanced energy system, misunderstanding or lack of information are barriers to our pets really being successful in training programs. By addressing these underlying issues through our sessions together, we can set your pet up to succeed in their training. I truly believe that our animals WANT to do well and be happy!

I can best suppport you and your pet by working together over a period of 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the behavior, how long the behavior has been happening, and your pet's needs. This allows us time to uncover underlying reasons for your pet's behavior, create a stable foundation and create and implement a plan for helping your pet with support between sessions.

We start with a 90 minute foundation session to start to identify the WHY behind your pet's behavior and begin to address your pet's needs so they are able to feel secure and behave better. Working together will continue with two follow up sessions (75-90 minutes), taillored to pet’s unique needs.

The investment for this is $475, with additional sessions to be scheduled if needed at $150 per session. Sessions may include: 

  • Creating a stable energetic foundation to help your pet feel secure so they CAN do better.

  • Communicating with your pet using animal communication to uncover how they experience the situation, how they feel and what they need.

  • Clarifying your expectations for your pet and their role in your family so we can teach your pet what you want them to do, instead of just what you don’t.

  • Coaching for you on how to communicate with your pet so you can be sure you are sending the messages you intend to.

  • Understanding how your energy and your pet’s energy affect each other and how you can use your energy to help your pet do well.

  • Helping your pet release any trauma or learned habits from their past experiences.

  • Tools you can use to support your pet as they learn to shift their behavior, such as essential oils, behavior cues and energetic practices and coaching on how to use them.


All sessions will be remote sessions by phone; I will be in my office while you and your pet are at your home or barn. Due to the nature of energy, it is not necessary for me to be in the same location as your pet.  I am trained to use animal communication and Healing Touch for Animals in remote sessions and have found in my ten years of experience that it is just as effective as in person.  I work with pets and their people all across the US and in other countries.

If you would like to schedule a home or barn visit for this service in Talbot County, please email

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