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Animal Communication Session


60  min


30  min

Talk to your pet or horse!

Communicate with your pet or horse (up to 2 ) for understanding or to share messages. Helpful for newly adopted pets, life changes that may affect your pet, and insight into how your pet is feeling, or your pet's needs or their experiences from their perspective, including health and end of life questions. We can even communicate with pets you are thinking about adopting or fostering to learn about who they are and how they might fit into your family. 

Which session should I book?  30 minute sessions are great if you want to try out animal comunicaton, just have a few questions or a message for one pet.  60 minute sessions allow us to explore your pet's experiences or feelings, go deeper, ask more questions or communicate with multiple pets.


**Please note, most behavior issues need more than one session to address and support change.

You can also schedule a free call here with me to determine how we can work together to best help your pet by clicking the button at the top of the page.

If you would like to schedule a home or barn visit for this service in Talbot County, please email

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