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Want to help your pet feel or behave better? 
Do you wish you better understood your pet? 
Hi I'm Blair! Click on the video to learn more about how I can help you and your pet 

Does your pet get scared, anxious or stressed?

Do you wish you could understand the reasons for your pet's behavior
or learn about their past?

Do you wish your pet could tell you what they need & how to help them?

Do you miss your pet who is no longer here and wish you could connect with them again?

Are you seeing behavior that has not been solved by training or vet visit?

Do you need support caring for or making decisions for an aging pet or one with a life-limiting condition?

You and your pet deserve to be happy and enjoy your life together!
Looking at behavior, health & the end of life journey
from an energetic perspective, and from your pet's perspective,
allows us to understand and help your pet.



I feel so blessed to have found Blair. Our rescue dog had experienced trauma before he came to us and was showing aggressive behavior. We first worked with a dog trainer, then a dog behaviorist. Both taught us a lot, but were not able to resolve the issue due to the underlaying trauma. The sessions with Blair are amazing.

Benji cat.jpg


The very next morning after the session, I could already see a change in him. He seemed more alert and started to do his rounds around the living room, which he stopped doing for a few days.  

IMG_8044 (2).jpeg


Scout is a completely different dog! We are so happy and he is thriving and doing so well…he really is so relaxed and happy and fits so nicely with our family! I feel like we are really doing wonderful with him and we are all in our rhythm. 

I've helped hundreds of pets and I'd love to help you!

Caring for a senior pet or a pet with a life-limiting diagnosis can be hard. Could you use some support?

As a Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner, I can help you:

  • figure out what you need to ask your vet

  • explore options for comfort, home care, and transition

  • create a plan that brings peace for you and your pet

  • help you create a support system

  • discover new ways to bring joy into your lives during this time

Hi, I'm Blair - Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Animal Communicator & Certified Animal Hospice Practitioner.

I have been helping pets feel and behave better using Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) techniques  & animal communication for over 10 years.

Healing Touch for Animals techniques work with your pet's electromagnetic energy system to support physical & emotional balance, stability and well-being. Animal communication allows us to give your pet a voice and to understand their needs and perspective.  We can even use animal communication to connect with pets who have crossed over!

Using these tools, I was able to help my heart dog Bear thrive in the last few years of his precious life, ease his pain, understand his needs, and support him through his transition.

I knew I wanted to  share this gift of hope and peace with as many animals and their people as possible.  I am grateful to be able to help so many pets and Pet Parents.  

Want access to my favorite way to help your pet feel safe & even behave better...just by talking to them? 

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