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Maybe you’ve tried other methods and there's still something missing.
Would you prefer a holistic approach to help with your pets' challenges?

There is HOPE!


Do you want the animals in your life to be happier, healthier and well-behaved?

You love your pets, and want to know how to help them...


Let’s work together to…

~ Find the WHY in your animal’s behavior.

~ ​Provide comfort and support healing for your beloved pets.

~ Listen to what your pet needs and wants to tell you.

Pets Who Have Crossed Over

Animal communicaiton sessions with pets who have crossed over.

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At home program for pets who are afraid of storms or fireworks!

What Pet Parents are saying...

"I cannot thank Blair enough for the wonderful work she is doing for Luna. I do not only see a tremendous change every time Luna has a session, but I also feel her healing love. It is just what Luna and I needed!"~ Luzma G. 

I have a rescue pup with a pretty traumatic past and Blair is helping me connect with him and help combat his fears in a way that all the trainers I’ve tried never could. I’m grateful to her and appreciate the trust she’s helping build between me and Java.  ~ Krystle S.

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Meet Blair Hope

I help pets feel better and I help people better understand their pets and figure out what their pets need to live their fullest life.  I do this through working with your pet's electromagnetic, or energy system (also known as field and chakras), and communication with the pet and person. Techniques used include Healing Touch for Animals, animal communication, essential oils and tuning forks. Because energy is not limited by time or space, I am able to use these tools from my healing space while your pet is in your home, and see the same results as if we were in the same room. 


I don't believe there are any 'bad' animals. There is always an underlying cause for behavior. If we can understand our pets, then we can help them. 

I love putting the puzzle pieces together to figure out how to help these special creatures. 

Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) came into my life when I was  looking for a holistic way to support my heart dog, Bear’s, health during his senior years. Through HTA I was able to help him thrive in the last few years of his precious life and was able to ease his pain and support him through his transition. It was an incredible gift to both him and me! I wanted to do everything I could for this amazing creature who showed me unconditional love  and brought so much joy to my life.

I am a Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) Practitioner and an Intuitive Animal Communicator. I have also acted as a Coordinator of training for HTA for many years.

This journey compelled me to share this gift of hope and peace with as many animals and their people as possible.

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