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More Peace, Fewer Regrets

Help your senior or pet with a life-limiting condition live their best life and making decisions

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 145 US dollars
  • By phone

Service Description

Caring for our beloved pets in the later part of life can be emotional and challenging, but there can also be many incredible gifts and moments of connection and love. We will address your questions and connect with your pet to ask how they are feeling and what they need. Working together, we will create a plan to support you and your pet wherever they currently are in life, as well as a plan for an eventual 'good death' aligned with your values and beliefs, your pet's wishes and your wishes. Additional support available as needed for both you and your pet. Sessions are tailored to your personal situation and may include: Animal communication to talk to your pet the way you would talk to any loved one. Pet parents often wish to ask their pet: • how they are feeling and if they are in pain • if they are ready to transition • what you can do to help them. • their wishes for treatment or end of life • anything they would like to do before crossing over • how you will know when it is time • how you will know if they are around you after they cross over Support for you, the parent or caregiver: • Answering your questions and addressing fears or concerns as well as guidance on questions to ask your vet • Education on what to expect in end of life stages, grief and the dying process & how you can support your pet • Support when considering quality of life and end of life decisions • Help in creating a plan for the type of life and death you want for your pet • Resources for caring for yourself and your pet Healing Touch for Animals energetic support for: • relaxation • pain relief and comfort • mobility • quality of living and quality of dying • creating a contract with your pet for a sign when they are ready to transition (naturally or if there is a need or plan for euthanasia) Services will be by phone (or sometimes Zoom) from my office while you are in your home or barn with your pet. Services may be available in person in the Talbot County or surrounding areas.

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