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Maybe you’ve tried other methods and there's still something missing.
Would you prefer a holistic approach to help with your pets' challenges?

There is HOPE!


Do you want the animals in your life to be happier, healthier and well-behaved?

You love your pets, and want to know how to help them...

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"I cannot thank Blair enough for the wonderful work she is doing for Luna. I do not only see a tremendous change every time Luna has a session, but I also feel her healing love. It is just what Luna and I needed!"
~ Luzma G. 

Let’s work together to…


~ Find the WHY in your animal’s behavior.

~ ​Provide comfort and support for your beloved pets.

~ Listen to what your pet needs and wants to tell you.

Healing Touch for Animals & Animal Communication can help with:

  • Behavior that's causing stress or sudden behavior changes

  • Pain or mobility issues

  • Illness, disease or injuries

  • Anxiety, aggression or fear

  • Trauma, big changes or abuse

  • Senior pets

  • Understanding your pet & strengthening your bond

  • Helping new pets adapt or to find out if a new pet is right for you

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Distance session tailored to your pet's needs may include:

 Energy work to open, balance and clear the energy system to promote physical & emotional healing.

Animal communication to provide insight into and support health and behavior. 

Emailed report with session notes & recommendations for supporting your pet.

Please note: Behavior or health goals may take more than one session; on average two sessions are needed to see changes. The first session is a longer session, including discussion about your pet and their needs, energy work and communication with you pet, and follow up.  
Please feel free to schedule a free phone consult to discuss before booking a session!

Services Offered