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Compassionate, Judgement-free
help for end of life care & decisions for your pet

 Do you have a pet who is nearing end of life stage?

I've been through this stage with my own pets and helped many other pet parents. 

Animal communication can help

  • With insight from your pet's perspective

  • Making end of  life decisions such as treatment, hospice or euthanasia

  • Find answers from your pet on common questions such as pain, suffering, wants, and needs

  • Facilitate a conversation with your pet for their last days or about your decisions

& most importantly....

Bring Peace to yourself and your pet at this time.

How does the session work?

While you are on the phone with me, I connect energetically to your pet. This connection allows me to tune into their awareness and gain insight from their perspective, giving them a voice. The sessions are around 45-minutes.  We can ask questions of your pet or share information and messages from you.  We can also create an energetic contract with your pet to ask them to give you a sign when it's time to transition.

These sessions can be helpful when..

  • You know your pet is aging

  • You see or suspect signs of decline

  • You have a vet diagnosis related to end of life

  • You are trying to decide whether to euthanize your pet

  • You would like to help your pet with their transition (whether natural or euthanasia)

  • You have made a decision to euthanize your pet and would like to prepare them 

  • You are considering hospice or palliative care

If you would like to talk before making an appointment, I invite you to schedule a free call with me 

If you are ready to schedule a communication session with your pet, click here



If your need is truly urgent (such as pet at the vet with urgent decision needed, or you feel your pet is ready to pass or in need of help within 24 hours), please email me. I will do my best to accommodate emergencies as my schedule permits. I know this is a very emotional time.


I do encourage you to bring your pet home to have time to say goodbye if at all possible before euthanasia.  This little bit of time can bring great peace to you both.


Resource List & Links coming soon!

If you need information or have questions about animal hopsice care, please schedule a free call or email me at

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